29th of january 2023
just read some stuff about what happened to mycandylove after i stopped playing lol does anyone know that game TwT i liked it a lot. i might make a page inspired by the old games i used to play
26th of january 2023
you ever add a page as a wip and then get too lazy to complete it and realize its probably going to remain a wip forever? ahah
20th of january 2023
there are so many shrines/pages i need to code (sob emoji) like i've been into bojack horseman lately so i hope to have the inspiration+energy for a themed page once i finish watching.. i also want to do a ddlc shrine, i want to replicate a segment from the game in javascript but im not sure if i can. the minigame part was my first idea, i think i can't do a replica but i might be able to derive another simpler idea from it. or i'll do something else entirely! not sure
16th of january 2023
i wish i had more time, just in general. also a few hours later i managed to add the notebook spiral thing to this page. genuinely took me around 1.5 hours.. well i like how it looks
13th of january 2023
i should start drinking. that would go so well. i should also get back into coding which is a tad bit difficult to do while pursuing a degree in something entirely unrelated to computer science. then again, is anything completely unrelated to computer science with the state of AI. ugh
17th of december 2022
so life goes on, i've become obsessed with a game recently and for several days i've been watching youtube videos of it but i'm really bad at the game myself.. i just find it kind of funny
2023 edit: man what the hell is funny about that?
9th of november 2022
the circumstsnces have forced me to make this entry on mobile. im missimg at least two midterms and one graded assignment. be super careful when crossing the road lol(not funny)
1st of october 2022
LAUGHING MY ASS OFF YOU WONT BELIEVE WHAT I JUST FOUND LOOOOOLLLLL omfg... okay calm, i was looking at neocities emails i have across all gmail accounts i own bc im looking for something and turns out i had a site in 2020 february... its very much a wip there are barely 2 pages but thats not the thing, its just SO fucking CRINGEEE!!!! oh my god i cant believe it... i was 15... its the worst i was at the peak of my kinning phase.. so much hatred... so much edginess... ahhhhhh i cant describe it.
update a few hours ltr: deleted! the world is free
1st of october 2022
CAN YOU BELIEVE IT im actually at college.. have been for a week or so. that explains the inactivity. i'm sorry! and very excited. and tired. weh
19th of september 2022
i wanted to do some online clothes shopping today but got worried about high prices and how ethically these clothes are made. i dont know, everything feels exhausting :p still super stressed about dorms lol...
13th of september 2022
awawawa... couldnt update the site for a few days bc i was travelling! uni stuff... i'm back home now but i'll go back soon and for good this time... the dorms still aren't decided which is infuriating. but its ok probably. i'm excited aaa
8th of september 2022
there's too much to do!!! i need to re-code this page!! ahhh overwhelmed overwhelmed
22nd of august 2022
mm i feel like shit. not sure what to do. i should uhh, actually make a homepage. i should. not sure. it's too hot
6th of august 2022
i haaaate this. there's a construction site RIGHT NEXT to my room, its been there for like a year or more but i will complain about it every day idc... it feels like they're drilling into my head!!!! aaaaa!! i hate it!!! ughhh!
okay i'm calm. um i will turn this into a journal/diary page, whichever sounds cooler to me at that moment. i should code a homepage from stratch! i cant spell that word um. stracth pff no, isnt stratch correct? LOL okay its scratch, you know theres a program called that. i used it back when i started coding as a kid and back then i never could remember how it was spelled either! i love how somethings dont change. scratch. s c r a t ch. i don't want to misspell it anymore!
5th of august 2022
right so, to-do list.
☐find a way to change opacity of this notebook bg, or just change it in photoshop no nevermind. i dont like this notebook thing, it looks so messy.. i'll find another background for this space!
☐pages for interests, priority to rhythm games & visual novels)
☐about me
☐doraemon page, shrine type of thing. make it cute
☐shrine for favourite characters (kanata shinkai, ena shinonome, chisato shirasagi, vyn richter. for now
☐page about my interest in coding
that is a lot... um
☐don't give up!

also js still isnt working LMAO
4th of august 2022
struggling heavily with js... i dont know i just cant get some of these things to work but i'll figure it out at some point lol