i love websites... and i.. i dont think that was a good beginning?
in any case, welcome to my website! i don't have much to say about myself, and i'd be happy if you just imagine me to be "the kind of person who would have this kind of website". i guess a few things i can add are that i'm an intp and a scorpio if you like astrology c: i'd love it if you leave a note in my guestbook about what you think of my site, any tips or thoughts are welcome! i'm glad you're here at all.
whenever i try to write this "about me" section i end up babbling about the need to be seen, how happy i am that i can reach you wherever you are through the internet, etc. and i'm sure a lot of us share these feelings but i still feel a bit embarrassed having it here. this paragraph is for me to say all those things while also letting you know how i feel about it + here are some stamps if you felt like linking to me